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The famous Bitcoin and crypto hardware wallet, Trezor launches Trezor Suite: its new version as a desktop application. The new hardware wallet for desktop was created by SatoshiLabs and will inherit Trezor’s existing security layers.

In general, one of the safest ways to store crypto is to use a hardware wallet, as the private keys will be in the hands of the user only, as well as being easily portable anywhere.

Now, however, Trezor brings this theory of a bitcoin hardware wallet directly to PCs and smartphones, thanks to this new version of being a hardware wallet as an application.

Not only that, Trezor Suite adds the capability to counter phishing attacks, which are increasingly present when it comes to websites, to its basic standards for secure BTC management.

Indeed, crypto hardware wallet as a desktop application would provide protection from cloned sites and malicious links by building software that can be independently verified, unlike a website.

In this regard, Matěj Žák, product manager at SatoshiLabs said thus:

“We understand that using cryptocurrency every day makes people vulnerable to certain scams and attacks. An application on your desktop or mobile device that you have thoroughly checked and approved provides a good solution. But we wanted to do it right and also deliver features that empower hardware wallet users and bring them closer to the future of bitcoin use.”

Another focus of the new product from SatoshiLabs, a private company founded in 2013 and based in the Czech Republic, is to expand the usability of the bitcoin hardware wallet.

Trezor Suite, in fact, has been designed with a layout that would simplify the user experience, thanks to an onboarding process for new hardware wallets.

Not only that, with Trezor’s desktop app, it will be possible to transparently compare offers from many different exchanges when selling, buying or trading cryptocurrencies.

Trezor and the evolution of bitcoin hardware wallets

Trezor Suite is just the latest product to be launched by SatoshiLabs, which specializes in bitcoin and crypto hardware wallets, and therefore in self-storage and security.

In fact, the company’s first and most popular product was Trezor itself: the world’s first BTC and crypto hardware wallet. 

Only last November 2020, SatoshiLabs launched the Trezor Model T, one of its new flagship products with which it introduced new security measures.

Specifically, in the Trezor Model T it is possible to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, NEM, Monero, Expanse, Ubiq, all ERC20 tokens and 500 other different crypto assets.

Then, at the beginning of 2021, in collaboration with the luxury brand Gray, SatoshiLabs created the new CORAZON Aluminium: the fashionable aluminium hardware wallet.

Yesterday’s new Trezor Suite launch, however, is perhaps something more technological. In fact, there is currently no bitcoin and crypto hardware wallet available for desktop and mobile apps. 


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