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2021 was a year marked by many pumps and dumps for cryptocurrencies. But which cryptocurrencies performed the best, and which ones performed the worst this year? 

The Pump and Dump of 2021

Excluding tokens with insignificant volumes, among the absolute biggest ones, the three biggest pumps were Shiba Inu, Gala, and Terra (LUNA). 

Shina Inu

The SHIB token at the end of 2020 was priced at 0.000077 millionths of a dollar, while it is now over 36 millionths. This is an increase of more than 45,000,000%, even though trading volumes were practically insignificant at the end of 2020. 

The real boom came from early May when it went from 1.5 millionths to 35.3 millionths in the space of three days. 


Gala, instead, in the last 12 months, gained 177.000%, even if the real boom was only in November when it went from 0,084$ to 0,72$, almost tenfold its value in less than two weeks. 

Terra (LUNA)

Among the main cryptocurrencies, however, Terra (LUNA) recorded the greatest increase. In fact, compared to a year ago, it travels on 18,000%, thanks to which it entered by right in the top 10 of the main cryptocurrencies in the world by market capitalization, surpassing Polkadot and Dogecoin. 

At the end of 2020, the price was around $0.6, rising to $22 in March. However, the real surge took place from the end of July, as it went from $7 to over $90 in a matter of months. 

crypto pump dump
Terra (LUNA) was among the best cryptocurrencies of 2021

The best and worst cryptocurrencies of 2021

Among the top cryptocurrencies or tokens, Polygon (MATIC), Axie Infinity (AXS), and The Sandbox (SAND) also posted annual gains of more than 10,000%

Among the cryptocurrencies that have lost the most, many have negligible trading volumes and have lost 100% or 99.9% of their value. 

The only one, however, that is worth mentioning, since it has a not insignificant trading volume, is Sun Token, which in one year has lost 99.7%

On the other hand, there are now more than 11,000 tokens and cryptocurrencies imploding continuously. 

Who wins and who loses among the top cryptocurrencies

Focusing only on the major cryptocurrencies, truth be told, there is none whose current value is lower than it was a year ago. 

You have to go all the way down to Bitcoin SV (BSV) to find a losing cryptocurrency in the last 12 months, with -23%. NEM (-39%) and Celsius (-27%) also end the year with a loss. 

However, it is also worth mentioning some cryptocurrencies that, while making a gain, performed well below average, such as Litecoin ( 24%) and Bitcoin Cash ( 29%). 

Note that among the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization, Bitcoin had the lowest gain: 66%. 

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