Since April, when crypto prices peaked, digital assets had been in a slump, with Bitcoin dropping in value by half, dipping below $30,000. Over the last week, however, the crypto market has been bullish, with prices rising steadily in a rally that so far has seen Bitcoin top $40,000 leading many to wonder if the bear market is behind us. 

Either way, one fact is undeniable. The crypto markets are highly unpredictable and if you wish to take advantage of an upswing in prices, you need to act fast and seize the moment to protect your gains and generate additional revenue before the crypto roller coaster ride takes another plunge. 

The Smart Way to Protect and Grow Your Gains

Crypto arbitrage is a low-risk investment strategy that involves benefiting from brief windows during which a digital asset is offered at different prices, across a few exchanges.

Since these temporary price discrepancies can be there and gone in a flash, automated systems are used that can perform a huge volume of transactions simultaneously. An algorithm will track digital currency prices across multiple exchanges, 24/7, generating profits by purchasing the coin on the exchange with the lowest price and then automatically selling it wherever the price is highest to make a profit before the window closes.

One of the main advantages of implementing a crypto arbitrage strategy is that it offers an excellent way to hedge against a sudden shift in the direction of the market. Let’s say the current bullish trend were to end, with an abrupt fall in prices, as a crypto arbitrage investor, you will profit with the same regularity as ever, since even in a crash, temporary price inefficiencies will continue to occur. 

When choosing a crypto arbitrage system, you are going to want a platform that offers a generous APY, as well as secondary sources of revenue. To see what that might look like, let’s take a look at ArbiSmart, a leading, licensed player in the crypto arbitrage field. 

At ArbiSmart, once you’ve registered and deposited fiat or cryptocurrency, your funds are automatically converted into RBIS, the platform’s native token and used to perform crypto arbitrage.  Profits range from 10.8% to 45% a year, depending on your account level. You’ll also be receiving compound interest and if you place your funds in a locked savings account, you can make as much as 1% additional profit a day, at the highest account tiers. 

Then of course, there are capital gains from the upward trajectory of the RBIS token. Since it was introduced in 2019, RBIS has already more than quadrupled in price, rising steadily even during the recent downturn. So, in a bull market the value rises even further, and  if the market takes a bearish turn not only does your Bitcoin and Ethereum maintain its value, but you are making profits on multiple fronts.

Stats that Speak for Themselves

According to recent analyst projections, the RBIS price is set to go up to forty times its current value by 2023.   This positive forecast is based on a number of factors, a major one being the growing popularity of crypto arbitrage in an increasingly volatile market, characterized by peaks and troughs.

ArbiSmart saw 150% year-over-year growth in 2020 and the platform has soared in popularity since then. The RBIS token has been consistently on the rise, regardless of market trends, going up by 450% in the two years since the launch of the project. Meanwhile, as demand rises, token supply remains capped at 450 million RBIS.

The most successful crypto arbitrage platforms have started to think bigger than simply trading on the investor’s behalf. For example, ArbiSmart is in the process of developing secure, profitable crypto storage and savings solutions, building an entire ecosystem for their community.

A packed development schedule has definitely contributed to the rapid, steady growth of the platform and the value of the native token, with a series of upgrades to the system architecture being implemented throughout the second half of 2021. The coming months will also see the launch of a range of new RBIS utilities. These include an interest-generating wallet for fiat and crypto as well as high-yield savings accounts in the pipeline for Q4 of 2021. In addition an app, crypto credit card and yield-farming program are scheduled for early 2022. Q4 2021, will also see the listing of the token, so if you want to use any of these RBIS utilities at all you will need to purchase the token on an exchange. 

Benefiting from the current bullish trend means moving quickly to find a crypto opportunity that can offer security, multiple revenue streams and has the potential to sustain long-term growth. Crypto arbitrage platforms like ArbiSmart can be incredibly lucrative and provide a great hedge in case the market changes trajectory once again.  Learn more about crypto arbitrage, or start investing now.

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